BB – Sump Pump Q – ToG @ The O – 9/29/2022

9 PAX braved the second to last day of the month to get out and get better. 45 degrees and clear. PAX: Flo Jo, Brisket, Dr. Seuss, Drexler, Corduroy (R), Timber, Bucky, Handbook, Sump Pump (R)(Q). Disclaimer given and mosey over to Waldorf, stopping along the way for warmups. Once to Waldorf, here is what went down. Tabata style: 2 minutes of each exercise below followed by 1 lap around the Waldorf horse corral.
  • Jackass Burpee Webb (Perform exercise like a Jack Webb but do 1 Burpee to 2 Donkey kicks, if you make it to 10 rounds you are a beast.)
  • LBC
  • Painkillers (Start with a Man-maker, then add a double merkin and plank jacks to it)
  • Nuclears
  • Overhead Press
  • Nuclears
  • Lunges (Coupon EC)
  • Painkillers or Jackass Burpee Webb
  • Thunderstruck merkinoff to finish things off.
Mosey back for NOR and COT. Prayers up and out for those spoken and unspoken. Humbled to lead. Until next time. Sump Pump

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