10/7/22 BB Layover Q @ The Patriot

It was a beautiful morning for flying. Disclaimer was made and we were ready for departure for our tour of the beautiful city of La Grange.

We started with an on time departure for a quick mosey around the court house square. COR (18), SSH, grass grabbers and DD to complete our warmup.

Destination 1:

Mosey to City Place parking lot where 11’s were accomplished with Burpee’s and Merkins. YHC was not trying to get out of doing Burpee’s while I messed with my daughter’s speaker to get some motivating, ad-free workout music going..a good Q would’ve pre-planned the music and the Bluetooth speaker to be ready. But, I digress. After a 10 count, this layover was over and off to the next destination.

Destination 2:

Mosey to Oldham County Public Library parking lot where another set of 11’s were completed with copperhead squats and jump lunges. YHC finally got some music going my phone and just carried the Bluetooth speaker around for some extra weight. @bosshog modified with some fine dancing.

After a couple of 10 counts, this layover was complete and off to the next destination.

Destination 3:

Mosey to Southeast Christian Church parking lot. Planks were held for the six while they ran for their last and final boarding call to catch their flight. Preacher sit ups on my up, and flutter kicks were the core workout of choice. YHC decided to throw in some Manatees for @yankovich last minute. Departure from this destination was on time and a mosey back to the statue up heart break hill was the flight path. An on time arrival back at the statue and flags was accomplished where time was called. COR, announcements, NOR, and intentions were completed in that order. @mannequin led us out with prayer.

Always humbled to lead. Good work!! Layover out…

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