BB – Double Pump Birthday Q

I have been challenged by Pelican that my first ever Blast should be “super long and awesome.” Unfortunately I’ve never been able to provide either of those two qualities when called upon. Today shall be no different. 😎

15 HIMs joined in on the birthday festivities this morning and helped me learn how to count to 40. In attendance were: Airplane, Pelican (whom I have learned is a Cards fan, thank God), Crockpot, Holy Roller (R), BoosterBall, Camp Lejune (FNG), BullLick, Snack Shack (a far superior volleyball player than yours truly), Captain Crunchberry, Wiche, Dazzler, LIV, Giselle, Big Bird and yours truly.

After the disclaimer was provided, the group did a bit of stretching and then did a mosey around The County. 4 stops were made and 10 burpees were done as each stop to get us to 40.

After the mosey, we headed to the parking lot where a ladder of punishment awaited us all. 40 of each: Curls, OH Press, Merkins, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Skull Crushers, LBCs, Lunge Jumps and Big Boys. After completion of each a 40-yard “dash” was in store. After you finish the ladder, rinse and repeat.

After that, we circled up for announcements and intentions. Please keep Dauber’s family in your prayers.

Thankful to all that came out this morning and helped make me feel slightly less old. Grateful for my F3 brethren and humbled to lead.

Cheers, DP

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