Pre-Blast – 11/24 – Thanksgiving Day Buffet and Football at the County – Jolly Rancher Q!

Yes, you read that right.

We’re going to do it up like we’ve done the past few years at The County and celebrate things the right way. That means we’re going to have all of the food choices that you love to smash down your piehole during Thanksgiving.

You want mashed potatoes? We got ’em.

You want turkey and ham? Come get’cha some.

You want pumpkin pie with extra Cool Whip? Damn straight I do!

And, after we take a few trips to the buffet, we’ll celebrate and act like we’re 20 again by playing football. Someone will likely get hurt [hopefully not too bad], because that’s just part of what always seems to happen.

Boondocks is closing down for the day and The Patriot doesn’t run on Thursday. So, this is practically a Greater County Area Convergence opportunity [because The Stable is like 4-hours away, technically]. Will the PAX from the Boondocks have enough to field a team? Will they be able to recruit some Patriot PAX to try and challenge The County to take home the coveted Thanksgiving Day trophy?

Image not to scale. Oh, and also, there won’t be an actual trophy.

All other PAX of course are welcome, too! Come on out and join us!

We’re starting at 0700am. Promise to have you home before the Radio City Rockettes start on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Jolly Rancher out!

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