11.26.22 BackBlast: The Majestic Fog

The Back Blast. Often overlooked but ever so important. Why is that you say Bird? Well because it comes as a form of engagement. It’s an opportunity for The Q of the day to put his spin on what went down. Who was there. What crazy stories were there to share…like pocket holding or an over night booty call… And of course what the beat down consisted of. I, myself have grabbed a wienke or two by gathering ideas from what that day’s Q threw out. And if just one dude reads it, feels the inclusion of brotherhood and lets that be one of the reasons that keeps HIM coming back out…then it’s worth it, right?

A bit contradictory here as I let a County and Vets back blast get by me (sorry boys), I aim to make amends, due in large part to the stellar BB’s that Honey Do, Dauber and Turkey Tom, er, um…Patty put out there only day(s) after their respective Q’s.

Newest Site Q of The Fog, Pizza asked if I would grab up this day. Not ever willing to say “no” to a FNGSQ (FNG site Q) I was more than willing to oblige. Playlist and wienke ready to go, I was ready to get Majestic! It was a cold one on this day on the rebound of gluttony and the dawn of a holiday weekend so I was prepared for a minimal crowd. Glowsticks threw out his HC so I knew we’d at least have enough for a workout. As I pull in at 0657 I was pleasantly surprised to see more cars than just Glowstick’s ride. BTW, we would never see Gliwsticks…or his ride.

The PAX:

Ladybird (R) Beggin Strips, Leno (R), Jitterbug (R), Jewel, Mom Suit, InstaDoodle, Toe Jam, Mr. Kotter,
BigBird (Q)

This was truly a special day as we got to get our blood moving with the sunrise. We COP’d, we mosey’d and we got serious with some Wonkey Donkey’s before we set off for all of the other Thangs.

We would hit the bridge for burpees, bear crawls, burpees, Bearnie Sanders (thanks Lockbox) burpees…in that order, before a mosey under 64 E. We would then grab a couple of small boulders and do some stupid sh!t with them for awhile. We would mosey back, stopping for some dips and Big Boys along the way.

Recover to the flags and did some Flutter Kicks before indulging in some mumble chatter whilst we stretched out to some Pink Floyd. There was laughs, jeers, storytelling and hard work all built into one short hour.

The Glue: Mr. Kotter would reach out to me after, sending out what his take on the morning was. It included what F3 has done for him and what some simple words of encouragement has meant. That’s what this group is all about. Sharing a bit of who we are with others, pushing those around us to become better and leaving no man where we found them. A special day boys and I was glad to be a part of it!

Until next time…


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