BB Pizza Q – Temple of Gloom @ The O

Thanks for having me out. Was good to meet some of the folks whose names I see on Slack. It was a glorious morning where 11 HIM improved!

Side Straddle Hops, Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Cherry Pickers and a Prisoner Indian Run. I hope I am invited back to The O…

Core workout:

R1 – Long Jump to Merkin across two tennis courts and bernie back to starting position; 60 single count high knees; 60 single count butt-kickers

R2 – Bear Crawl across two tennis courts and bernie back… repeat above

R3 – Right lunge, left lunge, merkin across… repeat

R4 – Side to side merkin…

Rinse and repeat. You against yourself…

Marry – Freddies, LBC’s, Gas Pumps, Elevators, Flutter Kicks. Handbook called my ass out for almost going past 6:15.


Choose to be better. Be above yourself. Pray for the Claypool family and Ts and P’s for Brisket and his stand up comedy career… But, props for doing something uncomfortable. That is how you grow and get better… push your limits.

Cheers and SYITG.


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Beer, music and fitness. Let's go!

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