Backblast – Loco @ The County 12/13/2022

Thanks for all the support on my VQ!

21 PAX in attendance: Meter Maid, Backflop, Giselle, Double Pump, Double Down (R), Subprime, Crock Pot, Dauber, Brown Water, Panel Van, Pelican, Wet Bandit, Audible, Jolly Rancher, Nat Geo (R), Big Bird, Abacus, Hush Puppy, Wildflower, De Vitto, PCI (Q).

Warmup: Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Downward Dog stretching, easy mosey to top parking lot.

Workout: Always moving to stay warm. I’m a middle child, and compromising and playing well with others is a gift for me. So, we made the big loop around County optional:

Circuit 1: 25 Merkins, 25 4ct LBC’s, 25 Dips, Bear Crawl up the ramp back to start.

Repeat Circuit 1.

Run the Big Loop.

Repeat Circuit 1 x 2.

Repeat Big Loop.


I came in with about 2 min’s left to find most PAX engaged in Mary. Meter Maid insisted on counting everyone many times to ensure no PAX left behind.

Ended with announcements, no spoken intentions. Closed with The Our Father, in the adaptation from the New Zealand Prayer Book of the Anglican Church – a wonderful prayer from the islanders.

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