BB ### R-E-S-P-E-C-T WEEK ### – Sump Pump (R) Q @ The Stallion at The Stable 12/13/22

Weather: Clear and 30ish

PAX: Viking, Flexseal, HBK, P-Diddy, D-list, Porkchop, Sewanee, Steve-O, Maytag, Lumbergh, Depends, Twister, Montezuma, Sump Pump (QIC)

14 PAX got out this morning to do this:

After a quick disclaimer and warm-up, we took a quick lap (1 mile) around the mean streets of Hillcrest. Movement was an Indian run where we would stop after every 2nd PAX and rotate between 10 merkins and 10 Big Bois.

The Thang: Tabata UVU workout. 1:50 on followed by a 90 second run/recover.

Exercises: Jackass Burpee Webb, LBC, PainKillers, Nuclears, Overhead Press, and Lunges. The run was about 100 yds.

Closed with a quick 90 second plank before returning to the flag.

NOR and COT. Silent intentions from some as well as for those who are spending their first holiday without a loved one.

Always humbled to lead this group. SYITG

Sump Pump

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