12.20.22 Back Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

Slims is my guy! We formed a bond while I was always trying to keep up with him during our run training for 2021’s Louisville half marathon. Since that time he’s taken the reins as Site Q on Tuesday’s Planetarium beat down at The Boondocks. He’s done a stellar job, posting some of the best hype and throwing his caucasian muscle up all over the place. So when he asked me to grab a date in December I was more than happy to oblige.

After a Christmas time trip to Opryland over the weekend and randomly running in to Kilo while on ice skates at the skating rink, I was full of the spirit of Christmas and ready to throw down a Naughty and Nice Christmas special to 12 other dudes.

The PAX: Jitterbug (R), Yankovic (R), Bulletin (R), Porto Bucket, Honey Do, Tudors, Patty, Swag, Single Source, Layover, Honeycomb, BigBird (Q)

This would be a throwback wienke from December 2020. During those good ole days when you could still post photos on WordPress, the pre blast was thrown out with two scantily clad bombshells about to love on each other that I affectionately named Brittany and Amber, promising PAX in attendance that whether one identified as naughty or nice, neither one was frowned upon. As it turned out, the only thing that was frowned upon was the hype photo. And with irony at an extreme high, it would be Kilo that would chastise me for it. After all, our blasts are put out on Twitter and Facebook. I was embarrassed and profusely apologetic but as these last two years have gone by I have had some time to reflect. These women were two of God’s beautiful creations. Neither one was showing any private parts. And maybe…just maybe the photo would be just the EHL one would need to bring themselves out of the darkness and into our boys club. I digress; one will never know.

No hype pic (as a matter of fact it is long gone by now), just a good ole fashioned holiday themed beat down to the accompaniment of Ray Charles and his Christmas album.

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers Toy Soldiers, Runners Stretch with some Mountain Climbers.

Mosey around the park to get loose stopping under the picnic area to pay homage to my boy Tony Malito for some Dips and Derkins.

Naughty and Nice: Naughty: Man Makers Diamond Merkins, Coupon Shoulder Press, Coupon Squats 100 yard Mosey. Nice: Burpees, Merkins, Air Presses, Squats, 100 yard Mosey other direction. After completing one set of Naughty you’d swap to Nice. Reps started at 5 of each then 10, 15, 10 and back to 5. Sounds pretty confusing but we had a smart crew out this morning and everyone picked it up quick…..and no Dauber or Pelican in attendance to translate their own instruction sure to keep everyone confused.

Recover and time enough for 30 BBSU’s before time was called.

COR, NOR & COT: made some announcements and lifted up our intentions. Thanked this group for making it out and got on my soapbox to talk about how what we do and what we are a part of is so much more than a workout.

Until next time…


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