1-11-23 Saul Goodman Q-BB

Thanks for your patience. A beautiful morning at Patriot where 20 pax got better.

Patty, Col. Klink, Swingset, Malpractice, Ruby (R), Yankovic (R), Scammer, Rip Van Winkle, Snaggletooth, Furdays, Mannequin, Porta Bucket, Bunion, Swag, White Bread, Single Source, SQL, Kingsman, Xerox, Saul Goodman.

SSH, Grass grabbers, Downward dog, RR, LL, Hand to the sky.

Mosey to the F3 Pavilion

Thing 1
4×4 10
Flutter Kicks – 50 single count
Overhead Press – 25
Jump Squats – 25
Between each exercise, we bear crawled the length of the pavilion.

Thing 2
Merkins 15
LBC 40 single count
Squat 25
Bench press 50
Lunges 50
Between each exercise, we ran around the track in the pavilion area.

Finished with Mary
Manatees, Big Boys, LBC, American Hammers

Sending up prayers for all intentions spoken. Finished with an Our Father.

Again, thank you all for allowing me to lead. You each continue to motivate me to get out and be better. Have a great weekend, Gents.

Saul Goodman

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