1-11-23 Saul Goodman Q-BB

Thanks for your patience. A beautiful morning at Patriot where 20 pax got better. PaxPatty, Col. Klink, Swingset, Malpractice, Ruby (R), Yankovic (R), Scammer, Rip Van Winkle, Snaggletooth, Furdays, Mannequin, Porta Bucket, Bunion, Swag, White Bread, Single Source, SQL, Kingsman, Xerox, Saul Goodman. WarmupSSH, Grass grabbers, Downward dog, RR, LL, Hand to the sky. MoseyContinue reading “1-11-23 Saul Goodman Q-BB”

BB – Saul Goodman VQ @ The Patriot – 08-31-2022

0500 – Layover and Swag step off for a pre-WO Ruck. Kitty Litter, Patty and YHC step off for a pre-WO Run. 0530 – 24 PAX formed up around the Patriot. Gave Disclaimer. No FNGs present. Warm up/Stretches – Side Straddle Hops, Grass grabbers, Runner’s Stretch, Michael Phelps, and Arm Circles. Main Thang 1 –Continue reading “BB – Saul Goodman VQ @ The Patriot – 08-31-2022”

8-31-2022 – PB – Saul Goodman VQ @ the Patriot

Tomorrow at 0530, we will commence a full body workout with plenty of running, jumping, and pushing. Bring a coupon and an FNG and let’s get after it. Thank you for the opportunity to put in work with you fine gentlemen. SYITG. – Saul Goodman 100 W. Main St., La Grange, KY 40031 P.S. ThereContinue reading “8-31-2022 – PB – Saul Goodman VQ @ the Patriot”