BB – Saul Goodman VQ @ The Patriot – 08-31-2022

0500 – Layover and Swag step off for a pre-WO Ruck. Kitty Litter, Patty and YHC step off for a pre-WO Run.

0530 – 24 PAX formed up around the Patriot. Gave Disclaimer. No FNGs present.

  1. Tudors
  2. Single Source
  3. Kitty Litter (R)
  4. Holy Roller (R)
  5. Chili Pepper
  6. Patty
  7. Col. Klink
  8. Craigs List
  9. Furdays
  10. Yankovic (R)
  11. Wildflower
  12. Piccolo
  13. Tagalong (R)
  14. Sequel
  15. Layover
  16. Virginia Slims
  17. Malpractice
  18. Claptrap
  19. Rip Van Winkle
  20. Snaggletooth
  21. Air bud
  22. Swag
  23. Saul Goodman
  24. Scammer

Warm up/Stretches – Side Straddle Hops, Grass grabbers, Runner’s Stretch, Michael Phelps, and Arm Circles.

Main Thang 1 – 4x4s (Burpee to plank, followed by four merkins, followed by four mountain climbers in cadence) Set of 10; Squat Thrust x 20; Curles x 30; Bench Press x 40. PAX completed a lap around Patriot Square in between each set of exercises. PAX did two rounds of Main Thang 1.

After Main Thang 1, PAX mosey to City Place for Main Thang 2.

Main Thang 2 – Rushes across City Place lawn to complete 10 merkins and 10 big boys. Rush back to starting point to complete 10 Carolina Drydocks and 10 Flutter Kicks in cadence. Plank while waiting on the six.

PAX then mosey back to the Statute by way of heart break hill.

Announcements and intentions (great news, Tudors)

Ended with COT.

Thank you Gents for allowing me to lead today.

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