BB – (PM) Black Opps Run – The County – 8/31/2022

It has been a while since I have done a run or exercise outside the Gloom but this day, we would come to find out you can work just as hard in the evening hours. Focker and myself set up the flags, the pax circled up and stretched before the 1930 start time, and we were off for a 45 minute OR 5 mile Mumble Chatter pace run.

Pax- Sputnik, Focker, BigBird, Air Raid, Dot, Nat Geo, Captain Crunchberry, Patty

Not going go into the main Thang too much. We ran, there were hills, we finished. Pretty self explanatory.

What I do want to point out was the end. The Pax. All were tired, sore, and drenched in sweat, but also laughing, drinking beer, and telling stories. 2nd F is what makes the Gloom easier. You see these fellas working hard in the mornings, but have you ever asked yourself why? What’s makes them get up and do this hard, abnormal workout group? It’s much easier to stay in bed, do some half-assed gym routine, go home, eat half a Digorno Pizza, and fee good about yourself since you “at least did something today”. But why are these F3 guys keep coming out and continue work hard and get better?? I don’t know… everyone’s story is different. But what I do know is that I would have never have known Nat Geo’s stories of him in the Peace Core, Captain Crunchberry’s running goals and his Humana Go360 deals, Dot’s military background and interest in Special Opps, BigBird’s family, how Focker and Sputnik grew up together, and the countless other stories, details, and backgrounds I heard of these guys at F3 that night.

Yes, you go to F3 to workout, drop some lb’s, and start your mornings early – but the PAX keeps you coming back. They are the ones that let you know you are a part of community who is there trying to do the same thing… keep getting better every day in all 3 F’s – Faith, Fitness, and Fellowship. Keep grinding fellas and I will SYITG


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