BB – Patty Q – The Big Kapowski – 2/9/23

This was YHC first time Qing Bayside and what an awesome spot and a HUGE campus. Tons of opportunities out that way and definitely should make a trip if you can. 0530 hit, Borland roles in a few minutes late, but all was good as 6 started and finished together.

Attendance: Worm, Charolias, Slide Rule, Eye Booger, Borland, Patty (Q)

Grass Grabber
Runners Stretch
Michael Phelps
Mosey – Lap the parking lot, pick up coupons and head to the main Thang #1

Main Thang : Patty’s 2.0 workout – Elaina’s Ladder
5 merkins
10 mountain climbers
15 bent over rows
20 coupon Swings
25 overhead press

Travel in between each exercise – jog the circle – and start from the begging while adding one new exercise going down the ladder.

Hold plank to wait for the 6

Mosey 1 lap around the parking lot.

Main Thang #2 – The Twins Dora
Partner 1 exercise, partner 2 travels – 1 lap around the circle. Exercises included:

Abby – Arms
50 Skull Crushers
100 lawn mower starters (each arm, switch at 50)
150 Curls

Lila – Legs
50 – Squats
100 – Bobby Hurleys
150 – Jump Ropes (IC – 4 count)

Mia is our 1 year old learning to walk – so we did a quick coupon sprint to the main road.

Lastly, my M is pregnant with our 5th – Nora- so we did a 100 yard coupon, squat walk (think how a pregnant lady waddles but also holding a coupon at your waistline)

We had about 60 seconds left so we held plank until time was called.


COR – 6

NOR – no FNG

Announcements – Slide Rule’s 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! And just check slack for new updates

Intentions – those pax members having babies (Sadie’s is have one today), those going through the adoption process (stick up), those dealing with physical and mental struggles, and those unsaid.

Finished with the sky Q’s prayer

Great work to all and worth the trip! Highly recommend!! See you all next time!


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