BB – Patty Q for a St. Patrick’s Day Beatdown – The a Garden

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! As YHC is a person from Irish heritage, today we celebrate what makes the Irish great… hard work! We brought a little history to the Pax this morning with a Tailteann Games Q where we would all participate in 3 different events to test our strength and will. 0530 hit, Glowsticks literally had a full bar ready to go, Irish Pub playlist was playing, green shirts started showing up, and we were ready to move. Let’s mosey…

St. Patty’s Day at the Garden

3/17 the Garden Pax
Big Bird
Wax On
Natty Light
Fertile Myrtle
Mom Suit
Edward Scissorhands
Patty -Q

Mosey to the sidewalk cross
Hill Billy Walkers
Tempo Merkin

Mosey to coupons – everyone with a coupon and some with the Turkeys.

The Main Thang – The Tailteann Games aka The Ancient Irish Olympics

Event #1 Laps
Coupon Laps – Dora workout where partner 1 travels and partner 2 does the exercise. Travel is a farmer carry until your partner relieves you. The other partner is doing 10 of each of the BBB circuit (Burpees, Big Boys, Bobby Hurleys). Once complete they catch up with their partner and switch. The partner traveling stops what they are doing and does the BBB circuit.

3 total laps – Woof

Event #2 The Stone Hold:
on your own event. You must hold out the coupon straight until failure. Once you drop, you must run up the Hill of Stolen Souls and do 10 Monkey Humpers. You rinse and repeat until you have completed 50 total monkey Humpers.

Event #3 The Hurler aka Medicine Ball Shot-Put:
The group is split between 2 teams with 1 medicine ball each. 1 person throws the medicine ball, wherever it lands the group goes to that spot – stops – and does 10 merkins. Once the last person is done, a new person throws the ball where you repeat and go until you get to the end or pot of gold (The flags)

Time was called. Good work fellas


Announcements- none

Intention – the passing of a close friend

Finished with the sky Q’s prayer

You couldn’t resist joining Glowsticks in the inaugural Irish Car Bomb tradition with a little Irish toast to send you on your way.

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night.



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