BB – Patty Q – Extender at the Mutt – 3/23/23

YHC packed his things up and headed down 71 to get introduced to the notorious Mutters. Getting there a tad early, I checked out this AO but had no idea where to go at first, so I waited… 0528 all 14 of the Mutt Pax show up, jump out, planted the flag, and was ready to go. Alright then! Let’s go!

3/23/23 Attendance – Extender at the Mutt
Peeping Tom
Glenn Ross
Old Bay
Soft top
Patty – Q

COP – a quick one
Runners Stretch

We moseyed…

The Main Thang – Patty’s 2.0 Beatdown

The Mia Mosey – we would mosey into the neighborhood and stop at each stop to pump out 10 Merkins. We hit about 3 stops – 30 merkins and on to the next.

Elaina’s FIVE Rung Ladder – exercises were:
5 merkins
10 Bobby Hurley
15 BBS
20 Carolina Dry Docks
25 Gas Pumps

Travel in between each exercise adding one exercise after each lap. We would stay in the parking lot and travel around the trees and back.

***Front runners will head back down the ladder until everyone wraps it up.

I picked up my log Weinkie and we headed to the Mutt’s conveniently placed coupons for round 3.

The Twins Dora – Partner exercise
Partner 1 exercise, partner 2 travels – travel would be around the house.

Abby – Arms
50 Skull Crushers
100 lawn mower starters
150 Curls

Lila – Legs
50 – Coupon or just Squats
100 – lunges (Single Count)
150 – Jump Ropes (IC) *** didn’t finish these to make sure we had time for the last THANG.

Once we stopped the travel and got a 10 count from WHAM!, we moseyed back to the flags for the last Thang…

The Soon to be – The Nora FINISHER – Last one best one (well… they are all the best ones but this IS the last one 😁)

EMOM Sprints until time was called. We got 3 really hard sprints in to finish us up. Time was called. Great work!


COR – 13.5 – Glen Ross had to leave early…

NOR – No FNG’s

Announcements – Ruck this weekend, Convergence at the Mutt (the pax couldn’t contain their excitement), and Extreme Week leading up to convergence

Intentions – prayers for the health and safety of those pax impacted by illness.

Ended with with the ball of man and the Sky Q’s prayer.

All jokes aside, the Mutt was a place I really hoped to Q one day and get to know a few of the guys there. This is a great place to go as you can tell this is a family at the Mutt and that you get to be part of what makes it special for a morning. If you ever get a chance to join the Mutter’s for a morning, I HIGHLY recommend it! Enjoyed it fellas and thanks for letting me join you.

Until next time..


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