PB – Snaggletooth and Honeycomb Post-iversary Q – The Defender at the Patriot – 4/14/23

SYITG! You will not regret that you did!

Tomorrow at the Patriot is a momentous occasion as 2 HIM are celebrating their F3 Post-iversary where they will be taking the Q together. Our very own Snaggletooth and Honeycomb! Here is what they said to expect:

“Come find out what motivated us for a WHOLE YEAR and why we CHOSE to change, DID NOT get defeated by “easy”, and in all our failures this past year GOT BACK UP and SACRIFICED our sleep over REGRETTING an otherwise inevitable decline.”

Bring your coupon, re-invite that FNG, hit that HC, and meet by the Colonel.

100 W. Main St. LaGrange, KY 40038

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