BB – 5-8-23 The Minuteman @ The Patriot

Since it’s “Whitman Week” (I know, I know…it’s more than a week…but Whitman Month was not as catchy). Anyway, since it’s Whitman Week I really wanted to wax poetic about all the happenings this morning at the Patriot…the drama, the intrigue, the awkward silences, the weird monument. I’m not even talking about the Colonel Lagrange statue. There is an even weirder statue now over by the fancy pavilion thing. If you haven’t been out to the Patriot in a while you should see it…don’t ask Rip Van Winkle too many questions about it though (see “awkward silence” above).

Ok, so I skipped over some important stuff. We had 22 there on a Monday morning which, while awesome, is not even that surprising for the Patriot. Ahem…”two time AO of the the year Patriot” (thanks for the correction Holy Roller). Yea, Roller was there and making us do even more burpees than planned and enjoying every second of it. Yank also got to call one exercise which I won’t name because it only encourages him to ask for it more often. There were a ton of other Patriot dudes there. Some I see fairly regularly (Patty, Mannequin, Snaggletooth…who is pretty great at punt-pass-kick…that’s a different story tho) , some I have only had a chance to work out with a few times (Xerox, Sequel), some that I am pretty sure this is the first time I met (Squishy, Bunyan and Kitty Kat…ask Mannequin how he got his name), some left early or sorta early (Kingsman, Scammer), one flew in from Bayside (Borland), Two came from the Boondocks I think mainly to talk about Focker’s stargazing (Va Slims, Single Source), there were a few County Boyz with me as well (Jolly “Nantan for life” Rancher, Cochran and Layover), and we rounded it our with TWO FNGS! I was glad I was there to save them from the normal Patriot FNG naming or they probably would have been Kratos and Cratus. We did consider naming them both Hanson…but ended up with just one Hanson and a Sarah Palin.

Here is what we did – COP, workout, COT

Love the Patriot crew…it was an honor to lead.


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