BackBlast 5.26.23 The Defender @ The Patriot

School is out, and Lessons learned today: 120 Manmakers will quickly get everyone’s attention on a weinkie, Coffeteria after a beatdown is the right way to say sorry for that, And, Always invite Jesus to the Party (yes, if you missed the post you probably missed the story to that). We did teams of 4, 4 stations, 1.manmaker, curl, thruster, bentover rows; 2. sumo squat, side lunge, squat-front-kicks, front lunge; 3. high knees, speed skaters, butt kickers, burpees; 4. bbsitups, flutterkicks, americanhammers, freddymerkins. Each team starts at their appointed station and does 30reps of the first exercise. After they reach 30 they pickup the 6 in their team. Then the team runs a lap around track and then starts the next exercise and repeats this pattern. When the first team to finish their set completes their station all stations must rotate to the next so everyone must be encouraged to try to work harder when they see the next team over going for their lap in order to keep up. In hindsight 25reps is more appropriate for a 45min workout. We didnt have time for Heartbreakhill today… and I was personally sad clown about that but we will get you next time hill… next time. -Honeycomb Q

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