Back Blast the Blender at the Mutt 12-4

PAX (15): Digiorno, Backdraft, Big Bird, Alexa, Maize, Miyagi, Glenn Ross, Mama’s Boy, Gilligan, Fridge, Storm Trooper, Sump Pump, Grinder, Hamm, Daddy’s Girl (Q) Welcome, introduction and disclaimer given. Mosey around to large parking lot for some COP. Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC) Grass Grabbers x 20 (IC) SSH x 20 (or 21/22; whoops) (IC) […]

Pre-Blast the Blender at the Mutt – Daddy’s Girl VQ Wed. 12-5

That’s right, it’s Daddy’s Girl VQ at the Mutt tomorrow. Nothing GIRLIE about it. It will be COLD. We will stay warm with a good amount running and a good amount burpees. It will be DARK, but we will focus on the light. It’s a HUMP day WO. We will do all we can to […]