Back-blast 47th birthday Q The Garden 10/11/22

Had a great birthday Q with 13 F3 brothers at 🍀The Garden🍀! 47 was the theme and we hit multiple workouts with 47 reps and after each of the three rounds ran to the top of the hill of stolen souls. We finished with Husky sprints at Husky Hill and Mary. Great start to aContinue reading “Back-blast 47th birthday Q The Garden 10/11/22”

Subprime @Pleasantville journey around the world 9/9/22

Tomorrow I will be running a regular old Pleasantville journey hitting all the sites available. Expect running and coupon work. Just a reminder we’re starting Black ops at Pleasantville every Monday in the month of September as well if you’re looking for a closer place to hit on Monday. Bring an FNG tomorrow!

The Stable Back Blast Subprime 8/30/22

We ran an iron pax like work out today with 300 coupon swings included and 200 lunges. we had 100 Merkins 200 curls 200 tricep extensions! As a break you could run approximately .15 miles at a time or do mountain climbers Burpee’s or jump squats to catch your breath lol. We had a niceContinue reading “The Stable Back Blast Subprime 8/30/22”

Backblast Subprime @ The Stable @ Goshen

We got in about 2 miles of cardio along with repping out manmakers lunges thrusters and many other muscle groups. We rounded the morning off with sprints and Mary. All in all pretty good work out. The stable is doing a great job of recruiting we had 15 yesterday and I’ve seen as high asContinue reading “Backblast Subprime @ The Stable @ Goshen”