The Captain Went Down to Florida @F3_Louisville @F3Orlando @F3Nation #getbetter #HIM #recon

YHC (Captain Insane-o) took his gentile southern charm down to Florida for a little pre-vacation, and checked in on House of the Mouse.  They put a beating on me like they knew me.


Prior to the trip, YHC’s M (Admiral Insane-o) said, “Oh hey, I checked and there’s a Saturday workout in Orlando.  You should go.”  F3 Works, Men.  Let me tell you.  wink

So, I hopped in my base model Hyundai and sprinted up the highway to the AO at Blue Jacket Park.

I met Sertificate first and his guest Cold Cuts (from F3 Charlotte South), both of whom offered me a warm greeting.  I should have known when the Pax showed up carrying their own coupons that it was going to be beat down.

Side note, it was already in the 80s and the humidity was high.  It’s hot in Central Florida. Africa hot.

I met the rest of the Pax (9 HIMs, excluding YHC): Heat, Quad, Walker, Bojangles, Dodgeball and a few others who, while I know I knew their name at one point, were erased from my memory by the Sertificate/Cold Cuts/Dodgeball face melt that was to come.

Sertificate wasted no time… no COP warm up … no how you doing … just 20 Burpees OYO, in a COP that was mostly Pain. Well, that’s how its going to be, eh?  Needless to say, it didn’t get easier, and you should look for their full Backblast (I won’t steal their thunder), but the workout was intense, fast-paced and utterly menacing.  Thanks to Cold Cuts, I can’t even hug my kids (Jack Webbs are dangerous).  And thanks to Dodgeball, I now know how to push the pace.  As he said during hi-five merkins, “you gotta push hard.”

Pretty sure Marcellus Wallace could call these dudes in a pinch.Marcellus_Wallace

We at F3Louisville are going to straight up gank a bunch of stuff from F3Orlando; from the workouts, to the cadence of the Q, to the straight up batflipping beatdown that Dodgeball put on the Pax.  Dude did his merkins while watching to make sure the Pax went all the to the ground #beast.  I saw you, buddy.

Thanks for the hospitality, guys.  I’ll be back and I’ll #bebetter.  And if you’re coming to the ‘Ville, let me know so we can return the favor. Oh and sorry for water-logging the BOM; did I mention the heat?

CI out CI

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