Declaration of Inde”Pain”dence Pre-Blast

4th Pic

Put down your margarita, lace up your trainers and lets get to work.  This Pre-Blast is for all those who will not be joining us tomorrow morning.  Knock it out!! Post a pic or comment online and let us know you were up to the challenge.  No frills.  Just work.

20 SSH IC, 15 LBCs IC, 10 American Hammers IC, 5 Angle Grinders*, 10 Dollys IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC, 20 SSH IC

We will do next part on the 4 tennis courts so modify to your surroundings.

Slow Suicides – Court 1- 15 Merkins IC & run up and back to end of Court 1.  Court 2-  10 Plank Jacks IC & Karaoke up and back to end of Court 2.  Court 3- 15 Freddie Mercurys IC & Super Mario Up and back to end of Court 3.  Court 4- Sixty Second Circles* and AYG(All you got) up and back to end of Court 4

We will mosey over to field hockey field so find a place with a clear starting and ending point about 75 yards apart.

We have partner exercises here so to compensate do 15 Rosalitas IC, 15 Peter Parkers IC & plank to some discomfort.

Elevens- This pattern is easy.  You do a series of burpees on one side and merkins on the other.  Run back and forth about 75 yards between exercises.  Start with 1 burpee run and then 10 merkins and run back.  Now we do 2 burpees run and 9 merkins.  Complete pattern until you do 10 burpees and 1 merkin.  All sets equal 11.

Find a place with a picnic table or ledge and some steps if possible. AMRAP 15 dips, 10 LBCs IC, 15 steps ups, and 10 American Hammers IC.  Go 8-10 minutes or until you are spent.

Stretch to your pain level and hit the beach.

Check back tomorrow afternoon to see what fireworks I have in store for the Louisville crew.

Zartan Out.



*Angle Grinder- Starting in plank position angle your body up (pike position) while touching your hand to the opposite knee perform a merkin then touch the other knee and perform another merkin. This exercise is performed 8 count. 1. Touch knee 2. Return to plank 3. Down Merkin 4. Up Merkin 5. Touch opposite knee 6. Return To Plank 7. Down Merkin 8. Up Merkin

*Sixty Second Circles- Start with T Plank right arm up for 15 seconds, 15 merkins IC, T Plank with left arm up 15 seconds, finish with 15 LBCs IC.

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