The Parklands Recon

Morning ladies.  Since I’ve been out of commission for a week (dragging 4 daughters through DC in 98° heat), and leaving again today for Nolin, I grabbed Cindarella (Methane, since he slept in on Thursday because it was raining 😩), and we went on a recon mission to The Parklands, in preparation of July 12th.

I’ll warn you now, do NOT go to the Parklands.  Just stay at Seneca.  If you don’t take that advice, you’ll love Parklands too much, and risk skipping Seneca workouts forever!!!  But really, we have a TON of options on our new Monday/Wednesday posts.  It’ll be awesome, and offer a nice variety to Seneca.

No FNGs. Methane and Star Child

Methane and I started at the Gheens Lodge and ran to a parking area of the egg lawn for the COP.  SSH, Imperial Squats, Merkins, etc….

The Thang- we moseyed on over to the bridge for some sevens…  6 merkins, 1 burpee…  5 merkins, 2 burpees…  etc.  we added 6 dips at the top of the bridge for some extra heat.  That bridge offers a nice hill and is longer than you’d think!

Methane took over.  We went for a stroll around the egg lawn and stopped at each light post for from skull breakers.  6 light poles, then turned around.  This time we did some bug catchers (lay on back with arms and legs wide, and bring them inhigg above you), and mario jumps to each pole.

To wrap it up, Methane had us bear crawl between three trees with 10 merkins in between.

We counted off (1…2…) and said our age and names to one another.  Not awkward at all…

Parklands will rock.

2 thoughts on “The Parklands Recon

  1. The real question is what will a M, T, W, Th routine do to your body. Guessing an all day nap on Friday. Can’t wait for Wednesday opening the new AO!


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