PAX “Are we gonna do anything else besides Burpees”…. Zartan “NO!” #BagofWrenches Backblast: #29PAX

QIC: Zartan

PAX: Bull Rider, Double Down, Newman(FNG), Red Roof, Wham!, Captain Insane-o, Cutlass, Diablo, Jordi, Nomo, Backdraft, Nugget, Mayberry, WaterBoy, Zealander, Quimby, Paddington, Country Boy, Marsha, Spinal Tap (FNG), Tiger, DeVito (FNG), KV, Methane, Mouth, Geppetto, Star Child, Wilson (FNG)

With a name like Burpeepolooza we all knew what was coming.  This is how it went down.

10 Burpees OYO and mosey to tennis courts for COP. 4×4’s while you wait.

COP: 20 SSH IC, 20 LBC IC, 20 American Hammers IC, 20 Gaspump/Dollys IC, 20 Imperial Walkers IC, 20 SSH IC

Burpeecides: Run to end of court 1 for 1 burpee, back to start for 2 burpees. Run to end of court 2 for 3 burpees, back to start for 4 burpees.  You get it.  All 4 courts increasing burpees equaled 35.  Also equaled my first FU.   Mosey to field hockey field.

The Thang: 2 lines of 15 for Burpee Bear Crawl.  Partner up for 5 min AMRAP of Partner 1 doing slapjacks or SSH while Partner 2 runs to goal for 3 burpees and run back.  Switch and repeat.  4 min burpee tabata.  Burpee Merkin Pyramids to 10.

Mary: Boxcutters, Captain Thors (Suck), Reverse LBC and Flutter Kicks

Finish it of with 2 min AMRAP of, you guessed it, BURPEES!  This earned me my 2nd FU.

Back to flag for COT. 29 PAX this morning with 4 FNGS.  We welcomed Newman, Spinal Tap, DeVito and Wilson to the group and Captain Insane-o counted of 6 and shared his namesake. Intentions for Tigers family and shout out to SKYQ.

All in all it went pretty well.  We ran out of time otherwise Spinal Tap and friends were gonna crank it up to 11 with some Air Squat/Burpee Elevens.  This no doubt would have earned me my 3rd FU.  All in a days work and those FUs are the sincerest form of flattery.


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