#therooster Nugget now offers Delivery!

Opening sidebar: The Carpenter is opening tomorrow. This is gonna bring plenty of celebrity HIMs (see Zoo) and FNGs. Digiorno has the Bag of Wrenches. So this is the challenge for the O. If you are an O and never experienced a fresh from the oven, Digiorno face melter, then be there tomorrow. He is sure to impress. Sidebar over.

The rumor about the Mutt is they like their home. They don’t stray far from their home. They get called out to the Posh (see Glauc’s posts), called out to the O (see any of our pre-blasts). But they like the safety of their favorite recliner, the smell of the produce box truck, and the glow of the parking lot lights.

Honestly, I like you guys. So, since I have delivered my Q to the Big 4, the Rush, and The Posh, it was time to extend my delivery area to Holy Trinity School.

Quimby, Tiger, Old Bay, Backdraft, Spreadsheet, Country Boy, Gepetto and anyone else who wants to see the Nugget Travelling Beatdown

Who: All HIMs (even celebs are invited)

When: Tomorrow, 530 am

Where: Holy Trinity School

Why: To Get Better


giphy (14)

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