Fight gone Bad #Ruiner backblast

Q: Nugget

Pax, Seabass, Trump, Vincent, Sully, Yogi, Cardinal, Glen Ross, Deuce, Pope, Chestnutt (FNG), Scuba Steve

Seabass and YHC arrived early to see that the O had been taken over due to the Rock Creek Horse Show and some race in the park. No Field and no school for COP, so I had to call an audible on the setting of our beatdown. Slowly, the Pax arrived. I got a message that a newcomer from my past was posting. Yogi and I go back to days at WKU . It was awesome seeing the HIMs pull up , but it was incredible to see Pope stroll up to the group.

Disclaimer stated and we took a short mosey to the tennis courts.


Abe Vigodas IC

Grass Grabbers IC

Kendra Newmans

Copperhead squats


After the Abe Vigodas, YHC saw a figure heading up to the tennis courts. It was my HL almost 10 months in the making. This and Pope showing up was all the motivation I needed to lead these men.

We headed to the cul de sac (Cogan’s Corner) for thang 1

Thang 1

We split into 3 groups for some hill work and exercises to get us warm for the main event. Group 1 went to the bottom of the hill and did an exercise AMRAP while Group 3 did an exercise at the top of the hill. Group 2 would relieve Group 1 and start the exercise.

Bottom of the hill was Bobby Hurley’s followed by LBCs

Top of the hill was Merkins followed by Da Vincis

This was really just to get us warm and the blood pumping. After we headed to the Flag to learn a couple new movements and start Thang 2

Thang 2- Fight Gone Bad

YHC has some crossfit in his past, and while expensive, it has some Damn hard WO. This one is a beast and one that I always enjoyed. It goes like this:

5 stations with a different movement at each for 1 min and then rotate. the 6th minute is rest. 3 rounds. The movements are:

Box Jumps

Push Press



Sumo Deadlift High Pull.

Thanks to Cardinal and Glen Ross, we had plenty of coupons and we set up the circle. 2 Pax at each station, giving AYG every round. Nirvana was the choice of music to keep up the intensity. This was brutal, Cardinal was gracious enough to bring a cooler of water and at the first break, the Pax was ready for it. Not much mumblechatter during these 17 minutes. When finished, YHC was drained. At some point, I think it was raining on just met bc I ended up soaking wet.

My goal today was to give everyone a rough 45 minutes, followed by a fun 15. So we headed to play some Burpee Football. But the field was covered…OMAHA… we did a Do Ah Diddy run to the Softball outfield and split into teams. TDs were scored, burpees were done. I don’t remember who won, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get Scuba some stickum for next time. JK

Time was called and we headed to the flag. Deuce mentioned an AYG to the flag, but I’m pretty sure YHC was crawling at that point. (BTW I’m glad Deuce showed. I needed to pay him back for the snotwoggler he put on us at his VQ)


One FNG, Chestnutt was named. I’ll let you ask him why (it’s a fun story). Announcements about coffeeteria. And the BIG announcement…Vincent is engaged. Congrats Vincent! Circled up for the intentions for Abacus’ wife, Pope’s recovery and some others. YHC decided to be thankful at the end and thing about all that has beed gained by this group. No better way to start off my 40s with you HIMs.


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