Extra! Extra! #F3Louisville Updates #allforfree #giveitaway #getbetter

A couple of updates now that we have the Starfish (growth from planted parts of the whole) in Louisville. I’m on a plane, and I have admin rights so I wrote all this down (if you read all the way down, there’s a surprise you won’t want to miss):

– The Parklands AO (area of operation) Saturday launch was awesome. The site is posh, the air smells good and they have water and towel boys* during workouts.  Check it out. And also come to Seneca. We work there, too. 

– Seneca will host Guest Q Bird Hole at the Temple of Gloom on August 17. “So what, CI. Who’s that?”  Bird Hole Qd the first workout for F3Louisville. He’s kinda the reason we’re all here. Respect. Let’s try for a big turn out and welcome the visiting Pax. You’ll see how the pros do it and maybe make a new friend. 

– F3VilleBlackOps launched. This is for anyone who wants some company for their side hustle workout. Planning a run? Tweet/Post to this website your F3VilleBlackOps time, date and location. Planning a swim? Same. Planning battle ropes in your backyard? Same. Dance off? Same. Good chance Zartan is already there so don’t be alarmed. 

– Contact CI for Q calendar and website rights. That way you can sign up to Q (shows up on the site home page on the left automagically) and you can post your PreBlast and Backblast. This is how the community spreads and we sustain this thing. It works. If you have questions, just ask. It’s really easy. 

– Sign up for Twitter and follow @F3_Louisville (follow me too @jimm_____; Water Boy says my tweets are awesome!) Also follow/like F3Louisville on Facebook. If you’re new, ask to join the closed F3 Louisville Group on Facebook. This is how the community spreads and we sustain this thing. It works. 

– Stay tuned for more F3Dads information. This will be a family workout at the Parklands AO. Show the M (your wife) and the 2.0s (your kids) how much fun it is. 

– With school starting and busy times ahead this is the time to buckle down and commit to F3. Remember, if you can do the stuff we’re doing after a voluntary 0500 wake up, you can make it through carpool, practice and all this meetings. 

Don’t miss me too much if you don’t see me. I’ll be there in your dreams. CI out. 

Surprise! 👆👊👨‍✈️🤡🏨💊

*this indicates a blatant falsehood  

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