F3 Parklands Fog Back Blast-Inagural Saturday

11 Pax (1FNG) showed up Saturday morning for the inaugural Saturday Fog.

Q: Methane

Little Jerry, Double Down, BobRoss, Star Child, Methane, Force Close,  Flea,  Little Smoky,  Gypsy,  FNG (Jason Bott) Bootleg, Tool Time

Methane started off with COP:

17 SSH, 18 Imperial Walkers, 15 Merkins, 17 Plank Jumps, 17 Mountain Climbers

The excitement of the inauguration spilled over to the Thang:

We divided into 3 groups for some 3 group crushers.  2 exercises are performed at different locations.  Group 1 and 2 perform different exercises and group 3 will move to a location to releave group 1 and do that exercise and then group 1 will releave group 2 and so on.  We did 4 rounds at 4 minutes each.

Round 1-Burpees&LBCs w/ bear crawls.

Round 2-Merkins&Getups w/ lunges.

Round 3-SkullCrushers&Amer.Hammers w/Marios. 

Round 4-Dollys&AirSquats w/Marios
Next we did partner assisted suicides with partner 1 performing an exercise with the coupons while partner 2 ran a suicide.  Then switch up.  We did 3 rounds, with walk over merkins, overhead press and weighted squats.  

Methane was gassed, so BobRoss took over. He started with an Indian Run around the 7/10 mile egg lawn.  Then we moseyed over to the lodge for a 20 count combination of jump ups on the wall, jump down, burpee, repeat.  This was a face melter.  We moseyed back to the egg lawn to circle up for some squats.  We did 20 counts of Squats, feet together squats, sumo squats.  Btw, one legged squats are impossible!  Last exercise was a plank where we lifted right arm for a 10 count, right leg-10count, left leg-10count and then left arm 10-count.  

The Pax finished the Fog wth a little game of ultimate frisbee.  T-claps to Force Close for intercepting my horrible passes.  Interceptions are better than burpees!

Ended with COT and welcomed Bootleg to the group.  Great job coming out guys.  Let’s all continue to get better!

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