The O at Seneca VQ Kilo Back blast 8/26/17: #2ndF #Bombs #BobbyHurley #Caterpillar #Egyptian #DanTaylor

img_4540Pax of 31 with 5 FNG’s got better this morning at THE O!  Parklands grabbed the Ghost Flag!!  Special S/O to StarChild for recruiting!

Newman, Little Jerry, Mr. Hat, Gypsy, Mr. Clean, Rodin (FNG), Rhythm, Sully (FNG), Cutless, Cardinal, Nugget, SeaBass, Nickleback, Mayberry, Starchild, Macafee (FNG), Bobble(FNG), Broadway, Scratch, Bean counter, Double Down, Warbucks (FNG), Uncle Rico, Diablo, Methane, Trump, Iron, Glenn Ross, Taco, Wham!, Captain Insano,


Hustle over to basketball courts

Circle up

20 SSH in cadence

15 mountain climbers in cadence

15 Freddy mercurys

15 merkins

Run in place

Circle burpies

Yell F3 name

Mosey over to the hills

Bombs with a 2nd F component

Partner up with someone you’re not familiar with

Pax 1 start exercise, pax 2 run down and up hill

Each time you tag your partner tell them one thing about yourself.

100 merkins

125 squats

150 LBC

Through trail to field hockey field

Quarter pounder

25 yd line:  25 Bobby Hurley

Squat slap hands and into jump shot

back to start line

50 yd line: 50 Daniel sons

Karate Kid crane kick position. Alternate legs in quick succession

back to start line

75 yd line:  75 imperial walkers

back to start line

100 yd line: 100 air shoulder presses

Bernie Sanders back


PAX forms 2 lines face-to-face, down in plank position. Allow 2-3 feet between PAX. Last man box-jumps over the planking PAX to the head of the line, Indian Run style. Continue cycling through over a Q-prescribed distance or until toasted.

Walk like an Egyptian X 2

Pax line up, single-file about an arm-length apart. In unison, entire Pax lunge forward with their right leg and hold the lunge, while the last Pax jailbreaks to the front of the line. The entire Pax then recover and lunge forward with their left leg and hold the lunge, while the last Pax jailbreaks to the front. Process continues until all Pax have cycled through at least once. To sneak in some additional core work, have the Pax rotate into the lunge (i.e. rotate chest right on right leg) and hold throughout.

Finish with Dan Taylors

Punishing leg exercise that is a cousin (of sorts) to Jack Webb. Named after Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump, it combines 1 squat followed by 4 lunges (alternating legs) in ascending order (maintaining the 1:4 ratio). It will leave the PAX feeling like “they ain’t got no legs”.


Circled up to meet new FNG’s Sully, Rodin, Macafee, Bobble, Warbucks.  Learned a little bit more about Cardinal being a Huge Cats fan but a graduate of the University of Louisville (Go Cats).


#3rdF to thank the good Lord for #F3 and all that it stands for.

Thanks for allowing me to lead you!!



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