9/2/17 Back-Blast 10 PAX 4 FNG #gotbetter in the #Gloom of the #Poshlands #KiloQ #BoatCanoe #DuckWalk


My first time being responsible for the #poshlands post flag, and halfway to the park i realized i left it at home.  The good Lord knew i would forget something, so he gave me time to pull a U-turn and grab the most beautiful flag the Earth has ever seen.  Pulling in I was immediately greeted by a few new faces (4 FNG’s) and 5 of my fellow Posh PAX.  The look in the eye of one FNG (Snowball) was one of fear and confusion, he would later tell me he thought he was coming to run a 5K (oops).

PAX: Kilo, Double Down, Worm, Methane, MacAfee, Tool Time, Hollaback (FNG), Abacus (FNG), Snowball (FNG), Cakes (FNG).


Once the WO began it was all wet and MARY


****6 minute kilO bombs*****

Every 6 minutes PAX was instructed to KilO bomb.  Technically F3 name is “Outlaw” but i preferred kilO bombs.

Warm up
In Cadence 
20 SSH
20 Merkins
20 Plank jacks
20 Abe Vigoda

Boat/ Canoe

The Boat position would be while on six with legs pulled up to chest and arms beside body. Canoe is when legs and back are straightened while keeping both off the ground. Kilo calls out Boat or Canoe.

Indian run around egg right back to same circle spot

Duck walk tree hugger Indian race

-Pax stays in Al Gore position while HIM in back of line duck waddles to the front.

Bear Crawl Snake

-Pax stays in plank position while HIM in back weaves between with bear crawl all the way to the front of PAX.

Billy run to base of bridge

4 trips across the bridge, when you reach the other side of the bridge exercises below are repeated.

12 merkins

12 American hammers

12 Bobby Hurleys

Hustle over to Gazebo 
Consecutive dips and Derkins for 8 minutes.
12 dips

12 derkins

Back over to flag for burn out

Burn out

Captain Thor “Captain Insano’s”

1 big boy sit up to 4 American Hammers to 10/40

S/O to MacAfee for counting



We met our FNG’s Hollaback, Snowball, Cakes, and Abacus

Prayers were requested for Emma and Caden, a couple of children going through a rough time.  As well as the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  I took us out with a word of prayer thanking God for F3, America, and the PAX.  #WinTheDay


From the bottom of my heart thank you for this group of Men, you have made me better and I hope I can somehow give back.




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