New Pax – Posts You May Want to Read #acceleration #hyperlinks

We’ve added more and more #HIMs to the Pax.  The growth is awesome, but sometimes new guys have questions about F3 that maybe they don’t know to ask or want to ask. We’ve collected some of the best posts here and elsewhere to give you a primer on F3 and F3 Louisville.

F3 Nation:  Click this link to learn all about how this started and why it continues to #grow

Tips for the New Guy:  Stolen, er,  borrowed heavily from F3 Nation, this link gives new guys some tips on F3

First time Qs – Q 101:  Again, borrowed heavily, this time from F3 TheFort, here is a link to a 101 on Q’ing (or leading a workout)

The First F3 Louisville Workout:  This website has every back blast from every F3 Workout. Here’s a link to First on April 22, 2017.

Sign up for F3:  All Pax that haven’t done this should go to this link and sign up.

What are they saying?:  Lexicon link.  Exercise link.  You can’t have a tribe without a language.  Pretty sure your #M and #2.0s will be wondering why you’re talking about taking the #redpill cause you’ve got an awesome #weinke.

How to Post to the Site:  The backblasts of your workout are important for a number of reasons.  First, it’s funny and fun and memorializes the badass workout you devised and completed.  #Tclaps!  Second, you’ll inspire other workouts.  Plagiarism is a high compliment, and looked upon with favor in the Nation.  Third, for the Pax that can’t make it, it’s important for them to connect back to the Pax and those mini-diaries of the pain do that.  We’re not all gifted like Zoolander or Taco, but you can take 5 minutes to write up your weinke, give a shout out to the guy who Larry Birded it or got better and you’ll make the Pax happy.  Here’s the link.

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