11/7 The O Back Blast F3 Kentucky Derby

EBBF4018-9493-4AB0-B43B-1AD38C4786A017 PAX entered into the race

Q – OJ, Vincent, Wham, PK, Diablo, Red Roof, Gillespie, Pope, Abacus, Kilo, Butcher, Trump, Ex-Lax, Goodman, Bean Counter, Scratch, The Situation (FNG)

We took the long way around to the tennis courts

20 Grass Grabbers + back clap (IC)
20 Abe Vigotas (IC)
20 Air presses (IC)
20 Hillbillies (IC)
20 Mountain Climbers (IC)

The Thaaaang

F3 Kentucky Derby – 1.25 mile run around the track, 10 furlongs, stop at each furlong for the following:
Annnd they’re off!

1. 20 Horses are eligible for entry – 20 Merkins (IC)

2. 40 Fillies have ran in the Derby and 3 have won (1988 Winning Colors) – 40 SSH (IC) + 3 Burpees

3. The first 21 Derby’s were held at a mile and a half – 21 Plank Jacks (IC)

4. Of the first 28 Derby’s/15 of them were won by African American Jockeys – 15 DaVincis (IC)

5. 6 Females have ran in the Derby/ highest finish 5th (Rosie Napravnik on Mylute 2013) – 6 4x4s & 15 females have trained horses that have run, best finish Shelley Riley’s Casual Lies finished 2nd in 1992 – 15 Merkins (OYO)

6. Donerail (1913) was the longest odds to win the derby at 91-1 paying a sweet $184 – 91 Squats (OYO)

7. No horse has ever won from the 17 hole – 17 Burpees

8. The oldest jockey to win was Willie Shoemaker on Ferdinand in 1986 at 54 years – 54 LBCs (OYO)

9. 12 horses have won the triple crown – 12 Burpees

10. Head back to tennis courts for the 10th and final furlong: YHC busted out the Bluetooth and dialed up the 1973 Derby so we could listen to Secretariat’s win. It was the fastest time in history at 1:59 2/5 – Pax would hold plank while listening to the call – PAX down for one Merkin every time the announcer says Secretariat.

***Bonus – What stakes race has produced the most Derby winners? The Toyota Bluegrass at Keeneland has produced 23 winners – 23 Gas Pumps (IC)

We circled up for name-o-rama, Diablo was the 6, welcomed the FNG, who was headlocked by nobody! Found the Art of Manliness podcast and found us! Nice. Roof mentioned having a small group of guys to workout at the homeless shelter each Saturday (I went and we had a blast in the 9 story parking garage next door). Maybe we can get those guys out there with us, just need to stay at it. Ended with prayer. I’m so thankful to be a part of this group. I was worried with the rain that few would show but these guys showed up. I’m inspired by what this has become. We’re getting better. I had fun coming up with the derby trivia and hope the PAX enjoyed it as well. Until next time…


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