Updated for 151 Burpees 12/8 BlackOps Preblast: River Work at Cox’s Park #getbetter

As we continue to grow, we’ll need new AOs. It’s YHC’s dream to have one in a van down by the RIVER! So, we’re going to check out another river locale. This time Cox’s Park and the neighboring Thurman Hutchins Park. Let’s hope there’s a van 🤗.

Exact meet up spot in the Q/Event Calendar (but here’s a link https://goo.gl/maps/wuRE6xSYjim)

For you visual learners, there’s a picture too with cool GPS coordinates. 👇

0530. Bring a weight of some type (kettlebell, plate, dumbbell, weighted ruck at a weight that you like). We’re going work on some beach muscles and jog (I think the J is silent) around.

Update: YHC and some other brave (*read awesome) Pax will be doing 150 CLAPPING burpees and one no clap (jazz hand) Burpee. No losers here.

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