12/9 BlackOps Backblast Will Convince You to Make Your Hands #ReaditAll #Clap #JazzHands #CoxParkRecon

Q:  Captain Insaneo (YHC)

Pax (9 studs):  Pope,  Glenn Ross, Wham!, OJ, Red Roof, Tron, Zartan, Mad Cow, CI

Note to the Reader:  The intro will be a bit longer than normal, so if you just want to see what we did, scroll down below the second line.  I’m writing this down in case the Smithsonian needs a written record of our badassery.

F3 Louisville may have some quirks, but they’re good quirks.  We started on 4/22/2017 as a Leap with one site at Seneca Park, which is called the O (for the Original and because there’s a badass O on fire that we found on the interweb and it is the Twitter avatar, like Sauron’s eye).  Then, we expanded to the Parklands (the Poshlands) and to the Mutt (the fields at Holy Trinity).  Soon, we had workouts M-Th and Sat, most with multiple beatdown options.  But Friday has always been open.

As we were expanding, guys were always looking for ways to get better.  One day, YHC was talking with Zartan and I mentioned how another Region had a Black Ops group that posted pop-up workouts (of various types) all over their town, and how I thought that was cool.  Zartan, feeling the need to get even better, called Quimby (I think) one Thursday night and they planned an impromptu beatdown on a Friday.  Zartan hit the Twitter, made a cool handle @F3VillBlackOps, and beep boop bop, F3 Louisville Black Ops was born.

What’s cool about Black Ops is that — to paraphrase Amy Schumer — at 175lb (or 225lb) you can catch a beatdown pretty much any time you want to.  It’s not solely relegated to Friday; in fact, we use it for impromptu EC, rucks, or throw downs with battle ropes in my backyard.  But, it’s become almost a Friday tradition.  Heck, today we had two Black Ops:  A ruck at the Posh and this monstrosity of a recon AO on the river.

Black Ops has allowed us to explore 3 new potential AOs (the Rush at Tom Sawyer, the Big4Bridge Waterfront Park and now Cox’s Park), all of which are pretty sweet, and deserve consideration for our growth plans.

Probably, more importantly, though Black Ops has resulted in some of the best memories I have with F3.  The skunk at the Rush, bear crawling up the Big4Bridge, and today’s burpee fest.  I’m not sure if Friday will always remain open.  Not sure it can, but I hope we never get rid of the Black Ops concept.  Plus, Black Ops just sounds cool.

Ok, now on to the beatdown….

Conditions 23*, humidity 85%, relatively dry, 5 mph wind off the River made it feel like 18*.

Gear (for Zoo):  orange beanie (later replaced with digital camo doorag), stockings/tights full length, men’s socks, trail shoes, sleeveless black smedium, black mock half zip (which I tossed after a while; had to let the guns breath), pink running gloves.  Pope had on shorts and a sleeveless shirt…

9 Pax showed up to help YHC cash the check his mouth wrote about burpees and claps.  I promise (don’t promise) this will be the last I write about this issue, but I believe that by the end of this Backblast you’ll see that a clap is not only a good idea, but really a game changer when doing a burpee.

Mosey to the Boat Dock, which allowed us to hear the calming sounds of the river lapping against the shore.

COP–All 15 IC, separated by 10 burpees OYO

SSHs, IWs, Kendra Newmans (forward/backward), LBCs, Mountain Climbers

The Thang…

Mosey to the large rocks (in part because some dude showed up with a tow behind and a boat to launch, which made us think he was getting rid of a body).

10 step ups (each leg 1/2), Burpee:  10 times.

3 dips, Burpee:  10 times.

Mosey to the next set of rocks.  Each Pax takes a spot between the rocks.  Lateral jump to one side, burpee, then lateral jump to other side, burpee, step forward.  10 times.  Turn around, repeato (thanks, Zartan).

Quick Mosey back to the place we planted the flag for a little Death Circle.  YHC asked everyone to bring some kind of weight.  We had kettlebells, weight plates, sand pills (which look like drugs and may explain all the cars that kept circling us), vests and rucks.  Pax with weight does an exercise to failure, while other Pax does 10 burpees.  As I recall, we did these:

Lion Kings

Bent over rows

Big Boy Weighted Sit ups

One armed presses

Bench presses

Kettlebell Swings

At this point, we were close on time, but only had 11 burpees left (I quadruple checked with the Pax, so if you’re reading this BB and counting, remember I’m going off memory from an impromptu mental weinke; in short, shut it and read, it’s almost over).  So the plan was to get the film crew to do their job.  We set up the lighting, tested the sound, lined up and did this to show our stuff…

Now look, you can critique our form (not really, tho, it’s goooooood), but what I really want you to do is watch the whole thing.  We do burpees WITH A CLAP until the end, and then we honor our CLAPLESS brothers with a hand raise/jazz hand finish.

Compare the two:  cool clap that gives you a good rhythm and a solid little self-pick-me-up v. hands flailing around like Chicken Little.

I rest my case, but I do not judge.  If there is a judge, though, I elect a bench trial, waive my trial by jury and submit this as my closing argument.

We were done with time, so we circled up for COR, NOR.  We forgot to call six, but it was Tron, who was named Tron because he’s a bad dude with computers (and all other stuff he does) and he found us through the website (not really; he found us through his super awesome buddy Sliderule), but it makes me happy that he even visits the website.  Announcements included the Q/Lead School Dark Helmet is supposed to host, but may bail on after what he’s seen on Twitter this week.  Also, the Mutt Pax is planning — for all F3 Louisville Pax and Louisville (en general (spanish accent)) a Santa Toy Drive at Mellow Mushroom on 12/20 with donations and 15% of the day’s sales going to Uspiritus.  Awesome, awesome stuff.  Digiorno and Zartan and that whole crew epitomize HIM and IAM3rd.

I took us out.  I was moved that these 8 HIM came out this morning.  Not only was it the coldest workout yet, it was hard.  151 burpees (one without a clap, so 150 real burpees (sorry not sorry)) is no joke, and we did other stuff.  I know they came for the 1st and 2nd F, but the fact that they have my back even when I challenge the Nation to something (that was was CSAUP and all for fun btw for anyone mad), is really important and meaningful to me.

Long backblast.  If you read it all, hit the like button.

CI out.  See you at the Convergence tomorrow.


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