Mutt BackBlast 1-9-18 #Rooster

13 PAX present for Tuesday Rooster@ The MuttHT  –  DiGiorno, WaterBoy, WhamO, Deuce, Zima, Buschhhh, Zoolander, Backdraft, Saban(Champion for a day), Gepetto, OldBay, Spreadsheet, and lil ol me.

Q: Spinal Tap – MadCow will say I was filling in for him after he suffered a hoof injury playing BBall but I don’t see it that way.  I see that he, as a site Q has spread the word, held the flag and picked up my slack as I fartsacked my way thru a bitter cold December.  MORE ON THIS AFTER W/O INFO.

We warmed up with Curley’s Stretching Sequence ™ Look for it in an upcoming issue of Men’s Health -College edition only, of course-

Thang 1- Partner 1 lap around school (1/4 mile)  while other partner Coupon curls while walking opposite direction.  Same method 4 times alternating Curls and lunge walk.

Thang 2-  10 American hammers, alphabet legs, 10 American hammers

Thang 3- Partner 1 mario’s to end of parking lot for 10 air squats while other partner travel merkins on coupon.  team gets to 50.  Next round same but team gets to 50 Coupon/kettlebell swings.

Last Thang- partner assisted pull ups 2 sets of 5.

There was some science to the w/o but I apologize my directions aren’t up to snuff – I’ll #getbetter

Circled up and after we got a “nah i’m good” from a runner when we asked him to join us, we reminded ourselves that we always welcome back those that are ill, injured, busy, have drifted off or simply have a circumstance that prevents them from being with us.  In true F3 fashion we stand strong when others can’t because that may be us next season.  Reach back out, headlock, PLUS understand life happens.  Seems to happen more often when its 5 Degrees.

Prayers and intentions for friends and family and we face the day a little better than before.

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