Back Blast: 1/8/17 Going in Circles at Cox’s Park Ruck

Cox’s Park – Going in Circles!

QIC:  ehhhh, Red Roof I guess

Pax: Captain Insane-o, Wham!, Red Roof

Distance:  2.67 miles

Pace: 16.16 min miles (not too shabby considering the ice ice baby)

Attire (for Zoolander): Vasque Cresta Hiking Boots, All weather waterproof hiking pants (not sure of the make), North Face Jacket, Highland Roofing winter hat.  Accessories included the GoRuck GR1 Ruck Sack (All Black).

Note on the GR1:  It got rained on pretty decently this morning and nothing was even the slightest bit damp inside.  Further field testing required, but I think this would withstand most normal rain usage.


It was a wet and rainy morning, and pretty icy down by the river.  Heck, we didn’t even see any cartel activity (fishermen), out there this morning.  I’m glad we decided to do a ruck in lieu of the normal beat down this morning, as I think someone would have fallen and cracked their head.

Basically we merry men rucked across the street to the 1 mile loop at Hutchins park and went in circles for 45 minutes.  It’s well lit, wasn’t very icy, and made for good Second F.  Did you know that CI, Wham!, and Red Roof all have dogs?  Did you know that Wham!’s favorite sub at Jimmy Johns is the Turkey Tom? Also, did you know that CI won gold in 1996 Atlanta for Rhythmic Gymnastics?  (Ask him about it, he has a photo)

Monday’s are always tough for me to get going, but I’m glad we’ve been holding this Black Ops workout at Cox’s park.  It felt good to shake the cobwebs of the weekend off and get back to work.  Thanks for the HIM’s who motivate me to be a better man every day.




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