Black Ops Back Blast: 1/15/18 Cox’s Park



QIC: Red Roof

PAX: Diablo, Wham!, Captain Insane-o, Digiorno, Mayberry, Mad Cow, Red Roof

I drove down to Cox’s park on Sunday afternoon to scope out some dry pavement.  FYI – Cox’s Park has just as many shady characters on a Sunday afternoon there as there are in the Gloom during a weekday.  I mean, who doesn’t want to hang out at a snowy boat ramp on the Ohio on a day in Mid-January?  I digress.

Anyway I found a nice dry parking lot to centralize the workout for this morning, but Mother Nature had other plans and gave us some more fresh powder…and not the same powder our “fishermen” friends had at the boat dock.  No worries, modify a few things and we’re good.

Mosey to the dry-ish parking lot for COP:



Copperhead Squats x15

Imperial Walkers x15

Merkins  x15




Partner 11’s with 2 burpees in the middle – Bobby Hurley’s / Merkins

The idea here was to hold your partner accountable.  No one was breaking any land speed records in the snow, so we wanted to get these exercises correct.  I felt like I was in Cameron Indoor slapping the floor as Coach K yelled at me.

Mosey to the bathroom overhang (only dry spot in the whole park) for a little Mary:



Gas Pumps x 10

LBC x10

Freddie Mercury x10

Pickle Pounders x10

Mosey back to the rocks



7 minute AMRAP 7/11’s:  7 dips at the picnic tables, then 11 stepups at the rocks.


COT and Moleskin:

Thoughts and prayers were asked for by the Pax.  Be the man that shakes things up like MLK did!



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