1/22/18 BlackOp Ruck with PT closer

Starting the week off strong is important. Today didn’t disappoint.

PAX: Wham! RedRoof OJ CAptain Insane-o & Zartan

Conditions: perfect 57 degrees

Attire: shorts, tee shirts and headlamps

Quick disclaimer and we took off on a 2 mile ruck alternating Kilmer every .2 miles. Each PAX carried him twice. The hills in the hood definitely got the blood flowing in the legs.

Once back at the tennis courts we did some weighted exercises and joined up with Digiorno, Zima and Snowman(FNG) for some PT.

60 seconds on 10 off (*underweight)




High Knees*

Rows with Ruck or Coupon

Bear crawled to end of 2dn court and lunge walked to end of 4th court and hard run back to start. SSH while waiting for 6

60 seconds of flutter kicks and 0615 was upon us.

COR, NOR and YHC drew the 6. Everyone already knows I was named after the fortune teller machine from the movie BIG. Strong work out of Snowman on his first post and we look forward to his next. Maybe a Rooster appearance for Zoo’s runway strut tomorrow? Intentions made, Digiorno sent us off to seize the day and get better. Go do the same.

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