So you’re saying I can get a ruck for $5?

Ok Pax, we all know that this is free. and we all know there is a 3rd F. So how can we help with no budget?

Well, let me start off with quick story for those of you that haven’t heard. Back on Xmas night, my ruck was stolen out of my car. I posted the next day and told my tale of woe to the Pax at coffeeteria. Kilo, being the HIM that he is, gathered some other HIMs and raised enough money to purchase me a GoRuck Rucker. To be fair, Kilo told me not to buy anything yet, but I didn’t listen and purchased one that day. So now I am in possession of 2 GoRuck Ruckers.

Fast forward to today. I have decided to set up a raffle. The thought is that we will sell chances for $5 a piece with the money to go to a charity. This Ruck is normally $165 on the website. In addition, Gypsy has donated a 20# plate and a 30# plate to the pack, and Glauc is donating a pair of either Wiley X sunglasses. This thing is increasing in value as we speak. If anyone else has other thoughts on things to add to the pack, I’m open. I was thinking possible a water bladder or F3 Merch to stuff in it. And of course, a lifetime F3 membership.

Please message me on slack with any other suggestions. I hope to begin selling chances at all AOs (with the site Qs help of course) starting next week.

Hey guys, for everyone wanting to buy a chance or two at the Rucker, plate, sunglasses and an F3 Louisville Hoorag.

Also, Knotted Cords has donated a custom paracord handle for the rucksack. The winner will be able to choose from 2 styles and multiple colors. Also, we have an All Day Ruck off tac hat.

Here is the link for paying online

In the notes, please leave name and address and type in D2C. The deadline for online entries is February 16th. We will still accept in person entries through the drawing on February 17th at the Tailspin Ale Fest.

giphy (12)

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