1/23/18 backblast- Gillispie VQ at the ‘O’ #bagofwrenches #f3counts @F3_Louisville

Well, that was fun! 24 PAX (2 FNG’s) for the Gillispie VQ on a warm winter morning.

PAX: Q: Gillispie, Captain Insane-O, Face, Diablo, Roadtrip (FNG), Methane, Plethora (FNG), Wham!, Double Down (respect), Pope, Nugget, Little Jerry (respect), Vincent (respect), Red Snapper, Red Roof, Goodman, Bean Counter, Mittens, Scratch, Fall Guy (respect), Loco, Cutlass, Swifty, OJ

Before I get to the details, I need to give a big shoutout to Captain Insane-O for believing in me and staying on me to get involved with this great group. I’ve had some ups and downs in the last 12 months and this has been a game changer. I’m glad there were 2 FNG’s at my VQ and I hope others who can benefit from this, find it.

Also need to say thanks to both CI and Red Roof for helping me prepare for my VQ. And to the guys at the O. Thanks for giving me motivation to come back. I have more reasons to make it every day than I do excuses not to.

And here’s what they got in return:

Warm Up:

15 SSH

Arm Circles

15 Abe Vigodas

15 Imperial Walkers

Thang 1:

We moved into the neighborhood and used the hill for 11’s. Started with 1 burpee at the bottom, 10 Bobby Hurley’s at the top. Added 1 burpee on each rep and reduced a Bobby Hurley until we got to 10 burpees, 1 Bobby Hurley to end. 55 burpees and 55 BH’s. LBC’s until everyone was done. I expect everyone’s shooting percentages to drastically increase in the next church league showdowns.

Thang 2:

Paired up on field with coupons.

Partner 1: Bear crawl first 15 yards, run field and back

Partner 2:

100 Coupon Thrusts

125 Coupon Curls

100 Coupon Squats

I need to apologize to my partner, Little Jerry. I think my head was spinning on the Q, I forgot to help put up the coupon.

Thang 3

Back to the tennis courts where I attempted to do ramp ups to a modified plank destroyer (without the shoulder tap).

Started with 15 Makhtar N’Diaye’s. I may or may not have been counting a little fast on that one. From there we repeated N’Diaye’s and added a merkin. 15 more reps. Last, we repeated and tacked on plank jacks. Between the Q’s fatigue and the long 7 count, I wrapped it up with 5 reps.

My only regret is not breaking out the basketball jersey I had underneath. I learned that I’m not Pope. I need sleeves if it’s under 50 degrees.

Thanks again to everyone who came out. I hope everyone got better. Looking forward to doing it again. Gillispie out….

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