Got Wood? #TempleOfGloom Pre-blast 1/25/18

Mad Cow is that a Pole in your pocket?

No my pockets aren’t that big. What a dumb question! What’s that you say? You thought there was no such thing as a dumb question. That’s because people lie to you because you ask dumb questions. How the hell would I fit a pole in my pocket?

I digress. Come workout with me on Thursday at #Templeofgloom. I can’t promise that there will not be any dumb questions, but I can promise that we will do some dumb things. My dad always told me “son if you’re going to be dumb, you better be tough.”

Let’s see how tough you are.

Where: The O

Why: Because I said so

Who: All men that Ain’t Skeerd

Mad Cow

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