02/01/2018: Preblast. The Hue. Charlie Vettiner Park. You’re going to feel it.


I am thinking about adding about 50 pics to the wordpress “album” to not have to see that Wham! pose starring at me every time I write a blast.  That thing is haunting me. If I can’t sleep because of bad dreams, I am blaming it on Wham!

I’m not going to lie, I almost forgot the pre blast… But, that was mainly because I have been filling my brain with happy thoughts about the smashdown about to go down at the hue.

The random music generator might be there?? might not?

I can’t guarantee the above picture will happen in the course of the workout, but I can guarantee two things.. 1) it’s going to be fun  and 2) you are going to feel it tomorrow, and maybe the next day.

5:30 at the Vet.

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