2/5 BackBlast The Incubator with #KiloBands


mini band bulk purchase lots come in 10 band increments, so that’s what i purchased and couldn’t wait to unleash them on the PAX.

So YHC prepared a weinke for his mini bands expecting a max PAX number of 20.  That’s where I underestimated the iron horse determination of F3Louisville.  There were PAX everywhere as PK and i pulled up to the Incubator.   UhOh!!!!!!  Well YHC did have a small back up plan.  Sunday night during the epic beatdown of the evil empire, i mean the Super Bowl, I sent a message to Methane asking him to bring his resistance bands in case there were more PAX than I expected.  Thanks Meth!  I can always count on a fellow Posh.

That being said my weinke was still only set for 20.  Thus thinking on the fly is a Q’s greatest strength.  (Or worst nightmare)


Mr. Hat
Mad cow
Dutch oven
Tea Bag (fng)
Grave Digger
Little Jerry
Double down
Tool time
Pew pew
Bob Ross


Warm up mosey around parking lot

15 Sumo imperial walkers
15 hillbilly’s
15 Abe vigodas

Mosey to hill


Partner up in groups of 3

Each partner rotate to each exercise when runner returns


P1-Run to other side of bridge 5 burpees
P2- mini band squats

P3- resistance band curls



P1- run to other side of bridge 5 burpees
P2- monster walks mini bands

P3- resistance band curls



P1-Bernie sanders up hill mosey down
P2-mini band merkins

P3- resistance band shoulder press



P1-Bernie sanders up hill mosey down
P2- mini band Freddy Mercury

P3- resistance band shoulder press



P1- all you got run over and back
P2-6 inch mini band leg holds

P3- on your back resistance band curls


mosey back to flags for COT.


Im so glad that I had to think on my feet and revamp my weinke.  What a great example of real world leadership.  Things rarely go as planned and learning to adapt on the go is a great lesson.

I am completely humbled by this group everyday and I’ll say it again, I love each of you!!




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