Blender Pre-blast @F3TheMutt — You may want to kiss your M and 2.0s goodbye #CIday

For a brief moment, Wednesdays at the Mutt were known as CI Day.  At least that’s what I recall, and I haven’t been wrong yet.

But now it’s called the Blender.

This is a play on words because this AO allows Pax from different AOs to blend together. Indeed, having Glenn Ross as its Site Q is fitting because he is both an O Pax member and a Mutt Pax member for all qualifying purposes (still not wrong).  And he’s about the best guy on the planet. Also, working out in a blender would be hard(ish).

Or would it?

If you were dropped into a blender, wouldn’t you just lay down and feel the breeze?  It’d be like being in a MRI machine.  Know that a blender can only go 10-12 hours max, so you’re getting out a some point.  Why not enjoy it?  And if you’re in a blender it’s not so much what happens in the blender, as it is what happens next.

I have an eidetic memory for turrible movie quotes.  That’s a lie.  I remembered this scene was in a movie and typed out some of the words as I watched the clip.  Whatever.  I just have terrible taste in movies.

So, what does all this mean?

CI Day at the Blender will be 45 minutes long.  If you move fast enough, you’ll create your own breeze.  You may need a MRI after, but that’s not as important as what will happen in the Blender.

Kiss your Ms and 2.0s goodbye.  There may not be an “next” after this Blender.

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