2/8/18 BackBlast for #TempleOfGloom at #TheO


Q: Diablo

PAX: (13) BeanCounter, Scratch, Trump, OJ, Red Roof, Vincent, Gillespie, Tron, Abacus, Donger, Butcher, Santana (FNG), Diablo

I intended to move the PAX over to the Christian Academy campus for some new scenery and a little change of pace. I also planned a nice little workout void of coupons, which is very un-Diablo like. It started off swimmingly. After a solid warm-up that included an Indian Bear Crawl, we were at the school, and many of the PAX were introduced to Derkins while in the Balls to the Wall position. But, after just a couple rounds of fun, the police showed up. Yes, you read that correctly, the 5-0 pulled into the Gloom–and stopped. Said OJ, “Uh, Diablo, you going to go take the heat for this one for us.” I waved at Mr. LMPD; he saw me; he did not wave back. Accordingly, I called an audible, and we abandoned campus. (And yes I resorted to the coupons for a beatdown.)

To the best of my knowledge, this was our first visit from the local authorities to inquire upon a bunch of men wearing mostly all black and running around in the wee hours of the morning and climbing on private property. I have no idea why it looked suspicious.

Warm Up

Jog around the track to the tennis courts for:

25 SSHs
25 Mountain Climbers
20 Copperhead squats
20 SSHs (silent cadence)

PAX formed two lines for an Indian Bear Crawl the length of all five tennis courts to finish the warm up.

PAX then ran to Christian Academy.

Thang 1

PAX formed two groups.
Group 1 performed 20 step-ups on the picnic tables.
Group 2 put Balls to the Wall on the school’s outer exterior, AND did 10 Derkins while in said position. PAX completed two rounds of this until, again, the police crashed the party.

Thang 2 

All PAX grabbed a coupon and circled up. Depending on who you ask, this was either fun and a little different, or a basket-full of bad ideas.

Deep Sumo Squats with Coupon (2 sets of 10)
Copper Head Squats w/o Coupon (1 set of 10)
Reverse Lunges with Coupon (2 sets of 10)
Sumo Squat Thrusters with Coupon (1 set of 5)
T-Merkins (1 set of 10 in cadence)
T-Merkins (1 set of 20 OYO)
Supermans (2 sets of 10)
Pullovers with Coupon (2 sets of 10)
T-Merkins (1 set of 10 in cadence)
30 LBCs
American Hammers with Coupon (1 set of 20 in cadence)
American Hammers w/o Coupon (1 set of 20 in cadence)
Big Boy Set-Ups (25)
T-Merkins (1 set of 10 in cadence)
30 LBCs

PAX returned the coupons and circled up for COT. We heard intentions, welcomed FNG Santana, and I in-artfully said some things. It was a cold morning, and while we were out there for fun, knowing we could return to our warm cars and homes following, Red Roof mentioned keeping those in mind who are having to brave the elements involuntarily. Please do. I ask you also to keep in mind those men who are struggling to find the fellowship we have formed over the last few months. I enjoy the workouts, and truly enjoy being pushed to my limits by you gentlemen. But, I love the fellowship and the relationships being formed in the Gloom. I assure you many men are missing that more than they crave a stronger core, leaner arms, or a better time in their next 5K.

As alway, thank you for the opportunity to lead, and for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.








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