Carpenter Black Ops Backblast 2/9/17 — Just a Bunch of Batmans Doing a Batmurph #getbetter

Q: Captain Insaneo (and @ValHKillmer)

Pax (Batmans): Digiorno, Vincent (Respect), Trump, Tron, Zartan, Gillespie, DoDoDoDoDo, Red Roof, Captain Insaneo

This is an actual conversation with my 5 year old 2.0, Ensign Insane-o from a few weeks ago as I drove him to school.  The content of the convo was heavily influenced by the Lego Batman Movie. It is the inspiration for today’s workout.  Hang tight, it’ll all come together.  If not, enjoy the fact that I was owned by a 5 year old.

Ensign Insane-o (EI): “Dad, I want you to call me Padre.”

Captain Insane-o (YHC/CI/me):  “Well, bud, I think you’re supposed to call me Padre, and I’m supposed to call you Hijo.”

EI:  “Okay, then I want you to call me Batman.”

Me (not realizing I was owned): “Well, bud, I think I’m Batman and you’re Robin.”

EI: “Nah.  You can be Robin.  I’m Batman.”

Me (now completely owned…by a 5 year old): “Yea, well, I want to be Batman.”

EI: “Pretty sure I’m Batman.”

Me: “I’m pretty sure I’m Batman.”


EI: “Ok, we can both be Batman.”

Me (now lapping up the scraps my 5 year old tossed to me):  “Cool.  We can both Batman.  I like it.”

I find myself replaying this hilarious (on many levels to me, and hopefully at least mildly amusing to you) conversation in my head.

Yesterday morning it flashed into my brain as I was trying to push out the thought, “what the heck am I going to do for this Black Op I called at the Carpenter on Friday.”  But like any post-octothreat miracle, it hit me.  I’ll tell everyone that by the end of the you v. you workout, they’re all Batman, teasing that they’ll need to complete the workout to be Batman.  But in reality, they’re already Batman.  Get it?  No?  Ok.  Here’s the connection.

Batman is a badass (sorry nerd, Batman is a badass and your theories on superheroes can go right in the octoidontgiveashit heap).  We’re all badasses.  We do this morning after morning.  We do it because we love/hate/need/crave it.  We do it because something is driving us.  Maybe we want to lose weight, be more fit, have more friends, avenge our murdered parents, train for an event, do something good for someone else, or just  be better.  We all want to get better every time out.  We don’t have a super powers (sorry Red Roof), but we use what we have to push ourselves to be our best, or at least a little better than the last time.  We’re not perfect.  We have gadgets (coupons are gadgets; accept it, I’m trying to make a point).  We wear a ton of black (too much for Glenn Ross’s taste).  We speak in a low gravely tone (so as not to wake up the neighborhoods; not necessarily to intimidate our foes).  Cardinal wears a cowl.  Seriously.

So by my measure that makes us a bunch of Batmans.  A bunch of certifiable badasses in the gloom fighting something for something.

Didn’t really need today’s workout to get to this, but I needed a hook for this Backblast.  I have a reputation to keep.

So, here’s what 9 Batmans did today in the Gloom.

Conditions: 30*. Clear. Like a heatwave

Gearlander: I gave the Pax three Batman Gear choices- all black (modern Batman), navy, grey and black (old school Batman), or tuxedo (Bruce Wayne). I went all black. Vincent had some navy. Respect. No one wore a tux.

Sandbag/Burpee Death jog from the flags about 1/2 mile to COP.


All IC x 20


Bluff hikers

Kendra Newman’s

Lots of stretching for the upcoming run

Circle burp, passing the sandbag and saying where you were born and favorite color. Trumps favorite color isn’t green. It’s the color of sunsets.

Another sandbag/Burpee Death Jog to the playground about 600 meters away for…

The Thang

A kinda murph like thing that Batman would totally do. A Batmurph.

AMRAP 5 pull ups, 10 Merkins, 15 squats, then and 800 meter run. Repeato. A lot. After a couple of laps, YHC asked the Pax to shout birthplace or favorite color to passing Pax. This was to test your memory and push your brain to stop thinking about the Batmurph. My watch says we got in about 3 miles. That’s pretty, pretty good.

Grab Val for another Death Jog back to the flags for some Mary.

Plank and one armed plank stretches.

Pickle pounders 15 x IC

J Los 10 x IC

Da Vincis 15 x IC

Flutter kicks 10 x IC

Planks stretchs to downward dog.


COR and NOR. Digiorno, Busch and Zoo (Master of Ceremonies) are hosting a 420 beer pull at Mellow Mushroom tonight from 6-8. They open a tap of Sweetwater for 4 minutes and 20 seconds of free beer. Donations strongly encouraged for Hope Scarves and the F3 Derby Relay Team. Zartan asked the Pax to HL Lexington HIM for expansion. Look for the spreadsheet in Slack and sign guys up.

COT and BOM where intentions were offered and unspoken. I took us out. And a bunch of Batmans left the gloom a little better.

CI out.


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