2/20/18 BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches at #TheO


Q: Diablo

PAX: (21) Scratch, Wham, Fall Guy, Red Roof, OJ, Face, Captain Insane-O, Vincent, Double Down, Pepto, Donger, Butcher, Santana, Goodman, ExLax, Little Jerry, Loco, Bean Counter, Cutlass, Gillespie, Diablo

Q Attire: It was virtually summer time.  Thus a WKU shirt retro-fitted into a tank with dull kitchen scissors to participate in tank top Tuesday; black Nike shorts; blue Nike shoes from outlet store; tactical cap to show off patch. (I have a feeling Attire descriptions are going to get quite boring as weather warms again.)

I arrived at 0520, only to find Face and Captain Insane-O trying on gloves out of CI’s seemingly never-ending supply of gear. I reminded them it was 64 degrees. They asked if we’d be handling coupons. I said, “Of course.” They proceeded to glove-up, while your humble Q looked at his calloused hands and wondered if they needed a little polish, maybe less work, and more moisturizer. I then thought about getting advice from Face about a good exfoliant, and surmised that CI has probably bookmarked some good Glamour articles about nail bed maintenance. Is there a Slack channel for keeping your hands soft? The mind really started to drift. But, the PAX were rolling in, flags were being planted, and it was soon go-time.  A disclaimer was given, and the PAX were instructed, gloves or no gloves, to grab coupons on their way to the tennis courts.

Warm Up

SSHs 30
Groiners 15
Imperial Walkers 20

Thang 1

PAX split into two groups.

First group took a full lap around the track, Indian Run style.

Second group partnered up and stayed on tennis courts. Partner 1 AMRAP shoulder presses with coupon while Partner 2 ran full length of five courts for 5 burpees before returning to relieve Partner 1 of coupon.  Partner 2 then AMRAP shoulder presses while Partner 1 tackled the sprints and burpees. When Partner 1 returned to coupons, it was AMRAP rows, while Partner 2 was back to sprinting & burpee’ing.  Rinse & Repeat this pattern until Group 1 finished 1 mile Indian Run.

When Group 1 returned, the groups switched places.

Thang 2

All PAX walked length of 5 tennis courts holding coupon over head. All PAX then returned to starting position by performing walking lunges, again with the coupons.

Thang 3

PAX circled up for:
15 coupon swings
10 T Merkins
10 Crossover merkins w/ coupon
10 T Merkins
25 big boy sit ups
25 American hammers with coupon
25 American hammers w/o coupon
Flutter kicks holding coupons (45 seconds)
10 big boy sit ups

PAX then returned the coupons and moseyed back to the flags for Count-a-Rama and Name-a-Rama. Vincent took the 6 on a pass from Face, and explained that Iceman named him after one of the twins from the Danny DeVito comedy classic, Twins. Intentions were made, and I thanked the Sky-Q for the weather and the opportunity to be with the PAX.

Today’s WO was a tough one, but the PAX is simply getting stronger & quicker. At the same time, and more importantly, the PAX ability to support and motivate F3 brothers in the Gloom is even more impressive than the physical gains.

Thank you as always for the opportunity to lead and to be a part of THIS

– Diablo




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