2/22/18 Extender Preblast #WhamHate Tour

For those who know me, I’m generally a mild mannered and low key guy who doesn’t get overly worked up very often. That said, I have been a lifelong UofL fan and yesterday was the culmination of a rough few years dating back to that fateful Friday in October 2015 when I first heard the name Katina Powell.

So now I’m angry. And when I get angry, I get hateful about a lot of things, including but not limited to: the NCAA, Katina Powell, Andre McGee, puppies, UK basketball (where did that joyous 4 game losing streak go?), sunshine, Dan Dakich (does anyone like that guy?), kittens, people who cut through parking lots to avoid traffic lights, Duke basketball (assuming in advance that they beat my beloved cardinals tonight), people who smile too much, rainbows, Russia, and the weather forecast for tomorrow morning (where did the 60+ degrees go?).

This list could go on and on, but it gives you some insight into my current mindset. The good news, however, is that I’m Q’ing tomorrow at the Mutt and so I’ll get to share (take out) my frustration on some of my F3 brothers. And besides, as Kevin Ware said yesterday on the Twitter, the NCAA can’t take away his “fat ass ring” and it can’t take away my memories of the 2013 championship.

So wear red to the Extender tomorrow as a sign of solidarity for me and my cardinals. Or don’t. Who even cares anymore…


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