2/23/2018 #BlackOps Norton Commons backblast

Q- Glen Ross: PAX (13) Captain Insane-O, Face, Wham!, Gillespie, Zartan, Zoo, Snowman, Grinder, Slippers, Saab9000 (FNG), Wahoo (FNG), Steerage (FNG)

Conditions: Heavy rain, 52—basically the same as yesterday

Gear: UA long sleeve cool t, UA warm up pants (thought they might help with the rain—made it worse), cameo work hat and I did have a new pair of Tommy Johns on. I thought I would give them a try, honestly not much difference so I would recommend passing unless given to you as a gift (Christmas gift from my mother in-law).

Yesterday was the busiest day I’ve had before a Q. I was in Lexington all day and noticed #mumblechatter started to explode around lunch time. So tied up in meetings all day, I did what anyone would do and just continued to excuse myself to restroom. In all of my planning for the Norton Commons BO, I had never thought about contacting the home owners association or at least making sure they would be ok with us coming out. We cleared this up quickly—thanks Pope and Face. Check out mumblechatter for the rest, it was a very entertaining day on mc, Quimby saved a blonde, and we found Left Eye too.

Late start, at 5:31—check for FNGs and give disclaimer. Form circle for warm up

20 SSH (IC), 20 Mountain Climbers (IC), 10 Groiners (IC)

Next, mosey up the amphitheater and enter the small park.

Next, at each light post, stop for 10 Merkins

Stopping at the bridge to do 20 DERKINS, continue on through the park (very cool spot).

Last 2 light poles we stopped for 5 BOYOS

Exit Park for Thang 2 (count off into 3’s)

ABC’s in the Amphitheater

Station A: 20x Groiners, 30x Mountain Climbers, 60 second elbow plank, then broad jump up to station B

Station B: 15x booyah’s, 20x Carolina Dry Docks, 25x Derkins, then crab walk over to Station C

Station C: 25x Flutter kicks, 35x Rosalitas, 45 LBCs, after completing station C, bear crawl down to A

Next: Bear Crawl over to Coupon Ledge

Staying in groups of three, one group did coupon work, one group did step ups and the other did dips on the rocks

We did 2 sets and then made our way back to the Amphitheater for Mary

Start with Spring Break Webb

1 Big Boy sit up/ 4 LBCs—we made it to 10/40 right at 6:15.  Wanted to do more, just ran out of time.  Such a great space they have out there–we will be back

Name-o-rama was fun with the 3 new FNGs. Face named Saab9000 (can’t wait for him to get the 6), Then Saab 9000 helped with the name of one of the other FNG, and thought we would go with something nice…..We named him Wahoo. With the last FNG there was some debating on what to go with, but we named him right (Steerage—google it) and we all had a great time. Intentions for Zoo’s friend that passed away, Saab9000 mentioned his sisters battle with cancer and the importance of screening and we ended with short prayer asking for strength to continue to be better men.

I posted for the first time back in August and the weather was great. On my way home this morning I thought a lot about the FNGs that have come out over the past 90 days. In one of the coldest winters, to the 3 that showed up today in the pouring rain (basically a swamp) I have some much respect for you guys—keep headlocking. Also, to the PAX that rolled out today, most of you guys had 15-20 minute drives, wow, I was truly humbled to Q today–HIMs.


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