Pre-Blast 2/24/18 @the Mutt #theHurt #gonnabewet #gonnamakeyousweat #incadence


Now that I have your attention.  It’s just a little water.  There’s no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.  That’s how I introduced my Pre-blast a month ago the last time I Q’d.  Just happened to be the day of our first snow storm of the season.  Now we are all flooded in and they are calling for more rain and possible tornados tomorrow.  Bring it Mother Nature!  We kicked your ass a month ago and we’ll do it again!  I know our local F3 legend Captain Crunch-o is the Q up the road tomorrow, but if you want to do something truly INSANE-O, come see what your boy G has in store for ya tomorrow!

One thought on “Pre-Blast 2/24/18 @the Mutt #theHurt #gonnabewet #gonnamakeyousweat #incadence

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